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Double Pole

Simple install, Easy Removal and Great Design

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Double Poles

Set Descending Direction


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  1. One Touch Double Adjustable Hanger (PHUS-0023)

    • Very strong steel pipes but light weight to move it easy.
    • Exceptionally strong hangers to hang almost all of your clothes.

  2. Your closet gets more space and versatility instantly.
  3. The best product to maximize your hanging space.
  4. Fits nicely with hardwood floors.
  5. Helps to organize your closet – clutter free.
  • Silver Chrome Adjustable 2Tier Hanger (PHUS-0022)


    • Stylish silver chrome color clothing hanger.
    • Very strong 38/32mm steel pipes available to hold up to 130 shirts.
    • No screwdriver needed.

  • Set Descending Direction


    3 Item(s)